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Old Tainan Magistrate Residence

posted 2014/4/15 下午 12:22:36

日治時期臺灣三座接待皇室用的官邸● About the Former Old Tainan Magistrate Residence

The Former Old Tainan Magistrate Residence was built in 1900 (year 33 of the Meiji Era). Now it is a Tainan City Municipal Historic Site. The building was nicknamed "The Clock Building", owing to the emblem relief on the original roof wall which resembled the shape of a clock. The building served as residence for the local Governor, as well a Royal Residence when the Japanese Imperial Family members came to visit. In the history of Taiwan, this was the only building designed for royal residence in Southern Taiwan. Until 1941, about 20 members of Japanese Imperial Family had visited and stayed in the building, outnumbering those who had visited Taipei Guest House, which was the Governor-General Residence during Japanese Occupation. Thus the importance of the building during this colonial period in the history of Taiwan, especially when the Prince Hirohito (later Emperor Showa) stayed overnight in the building during his visit to Taiwan in 1923. This building and the Taipei Guest House are the only remaining residences of Prince Hirohito in Taiwan, while other residences have been already demolished. 
●The Three Residences Used to Receive Royal Family members in Taiwan during Japanese Occupation
The Governor-General Residence in Taipei (built in 1901), now the Taipei Guest House, a National Historic Site.
The Taichung Prefecture Governor Residence (built in 1899), already demolished. 
The Old Tainan Magistrate Residence, currently a Municipal Historic Site.
●Who lived in the Residence?
The Former Old Tainan Magistrate Residence was not only a Royal Residence when Japanese Imperial Family members visited Taiwan, it also served as the Residence for the Governor of the Prefecture. As the administration division changed, those who lived in the Residence changed as well. Therefore, we can see how the local administrative division in Taiwan evolved, from Tainan Prefecture to Tainan Office, and eventually to Tainan Province.
●The Trip of Prince Hirohito of Japan to Taiwan
During his trip to Taiwan in 1923, the Japanese Prince Hirohito (later Emperor Showa) visited several places in Tainan. Most of these places are currently Historic Sites. Visitors can follow the route of Prince Hirohito's visit to Taiwan, starting from this site, which connects cultural assets of downtown Tainan and Anping, and make a petit culture tour with an important theme.
Prince Hirohito visited 14 sites in total: Tainan Railway Station, Royal Residence in Tainan (Old Tainan Magistrate Residence), Tainan Province Hall (now National Museum of Taiwan Literature), the Memorial Palace of Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa (now Public Parking Lot 11), Nanmen Normal Elementary School (now Tainan Jiansing Junior High School), Confucius Temple, Tainan Normal School (now National University of Tainan), Tainan First Public School (now the National University of Tainan Affiliated Primary School), Tainan Park, Tainan First High School (now National Tainan Second Senior High School), Reclaimed land in front of the Anping Salt Company, Salt Field of Anping Salt Company, Aquaculture in Salt Water Testing Field Affiliated to Fish Farming and Farming Bureau under Taiwan Governor-General Office (now west of the intersection of Huaping Road and Yonghua Road), and barracks of Second Infantry Squadron (now National Chengkung University Banyan Garden campus).
The crowd welcoming Prince Hirohito in Tainan Railway Station (the old station was a wooden building in 1923). 
Prince Hirohito at the gate of the Tainan First High School (now National Tainan Second Senior High School).
Prince Hirohito arriving at Tainan Province Office (now National Museum of Taiwan Literature)
Prince Hirohito arriving at Tainan Shrine/Memorial Palace of Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa (now Public Parking Lot 11)
Prince Hirohito visiting the Confucius Temple.
Prince Hirohito arriving at Tainan Normal School (now National University of Tainan)
Prince Hirohito arriving at the salt field of Anping Salt Company (Anshun Salt Field, now Nanliao Salt Field Ecological Cultural Village)